Container Repair System Model R-04


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CONTREP Intermodal Container Repair Systems
CONTREP Intermodal Container Repair Systems

Uses & Benefits


CONTREP intermodal container repair systems have been meticulously designed to effectively repair and restore damaged container surfaces at any height or location including:

  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Corner Posts
  • Door Frames
  • Floors


Some of the benefits that only CONTREP can provide for intermodal container repairs:

  • Reduce repair times by 40-70%
  • Reduce manpower and physical effort necessary for any repair
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for additional materials and welding
  • Reduce repair costs (materials, labor)
  • Greatly increases quality of repairs both visually and structurally
  • Reduce risk of injury by requiring less physical effort



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