CONTREP Intermodal Container Repair Systems
CONTREP Intermodal Container Repair Systems

CONTREP is an intermodal freight container repair system with an innovative and patented design that has been created specifically to revolutionize the way your company completes intermodal container repairs. A novel approach in this field, our CONTREP repair systems operate solely on compressed air. This makes our units extremely self-sufficient, lightweight, and easy to maneuver, requiring only one person for full operation.


Our latest intermodal container repair model is the result of countless hours of research, development, and improvements stemming from extensive on-the-job testing while correcting damaged surfaces of intermodal freight containers in real-world repairs. We are proud to be the only providers of such a complete, cost-effective, compact and unique method for repairing the damage sustained by freight containers of any size.


CONTREP repair systems correct bulges and dents caused by blunt force damage on virtually any part of an intermodal freight container with minimal physical effort required. Besides cutting down on the amount of manpower needed to complete repairs, our systems also minimize the costs associated with rebuilding walls and the hours of welding these repairs would usually entail. Additionally, CONTREP is the ONLY intermodal freight container repair system in existence that is capable of correcting door frames that are out of alignment; a first in the container repair industry!



Meet CONTREP Intermodal Freight Container Repair System - Model R-04


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